J-Hawk Early Bird 2011

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Took the swim pretty relaxed, no rush on the swim.  Got taken to school by a couple high school kids and towed the last 75 yards for a VERY VERY easy float into T2 “ ~5:50 @ touch.

I intended to keep the real time watts +- 300, but tempered with the reality of the potential for a tactical ride (which never arrived).  Average ended up @ 278, with a normalized power of 288 “ mount to dismount.  Pretty much identical to my last four races here in terms of power “ about 1:40 slower than last fall due to the wind.  It was definitely the windest conditions I’ve ever had to race (and possibly even ride) in “ time/power was lost in a lot of the turns to keep from getting whipped around.  Did I mention the wind was horrible?

Best run on this course by 15 to 20 seconds “ mostly sheltered by the wind, but a couple exposed sections.  20:08 (~6:29) for a cross country 5k. 6:14/6:35/6:35/change.