Week Ending 2015-05-24

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In an effort to try and jump start my blog updates, which I find to be very cathartic, I’m going to try and post a weekly summary of my training.  Being the week after an Ironman, this week was primarily focused on sleep and gluttony.

Monday was a zero, which was followed by a slow and easy 20 minute run on the treadmill on Tuesday.

Wednesday I again logged a zero, followed by another slow and easy 20 minute run on Thursday.

Friday I rode my bike to work, and included a 5 minute effort at about 300 watts – just to see how I felt.  Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad – just a little awkward with a backpack and on my ill-fitting road bike, which needs a longer stem.

Saturday was a “5k” running race that was part of the wedding festivities for a friend.  It wasn’t a competitive race, but Ben chose a really hilly route for the event and it made the 7 something pace we ran pretty challenging.

Sunday was also a zero, but you might be able to count it as a swim since Ethan and I hung out in the hotel pool for a good hour.

It was a good week of recovery and I’m looking forward to getting things rolling again.  I’m planning to do a 30k time trial on June 7th and then doing Elkhart Lake on June 13th.