Week Ending 2015-07-05

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Barely made this update before the end of the week after it’s updating.  It’s been a busy week this week.  Between work and family activities, I haven’t had a lot of free time.  After pondering a lot last week about my swimming and the potential impact of a wetsuit I’ve decided that I’m going to do some testing.  I’m going to do a test protocol similar to what Brian Stover did in 2009.  I’m going to test out a Medium Profile Design Wahoo, my Small Long Xterra Vendetta, my Small Xterra Vendetta, a medium Roka Pro sleeveless, and a medium Roka Pro sleeved.  I may search out a few others if I can get access to them.  The goal of this process is to figure out which wetsuit fits me best, and then decide how much it will cost me to fix the problem, if there is one.

I had intended to do a 20 minute best effort on Sunday, but it was a bit subpar.  I woke up feeling a bit flat and the warmup didn’t make things better.  I think it was just the long holiday weekend.  If this weekend doesn’t prove to be as exhausting I’ll probably give it another shot before Racine.

Monday – A short easy run, and a swim with a main set of 10×200 @ 2:55 Pull.  Most of the 200s were 2:40 or 2:41

Tuesday – an easy ride, and a hard run with a main set of 5×4′ HARD on 3′ rest.

Wednesday – 40x50s @ :55 – other than the first couple I held all of them under 35, and the usual easy run

Thursday – A hard bike with 6×3′ HARD – with the first being best effort.  I averaged 403 watts, which isn’t my best ever, but it’s pretty decent and I did go out really hot.  I took some extra rest after, and then knocked out the other 5 – which went quite well.  Closed the day out with an easy run.

Friday – Got up nice and early and did a 90′ run with 2×10′ @ HIM pace, then a 20′ block at IM Pace.  Did a quick swim with a main set of 5×400 SCY when we went to the outdoor pool with Ethan later in the day.

Saturday – Easy bike early in the morning, and a later afternoon run in the afternoon that I followed up with a beer and sitting in a pool in our back yard.

Sunday – 2 and a hour hour bike with a sub-par 20′ best effort, followed by several 10 to 20 minute blocks at HIM race effort, followed with a short run afterwards.

The main focus of the week was to really slow down on my easy runs, I have a tendency to run too fast on them, so I really focused this week on keeping them easy – which translates into Daniels E-Pace being a speed limit as opposed to a target.