VCAP 6.5 DCV – Design

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A couple of weeks ago I sat the VMware VCAP 6.5 DCV – Design exam as part of the process of completing the prerequisites for submitting for VCDX.  I don’t have a lot of insight to add beyond the excellent post by vHersey.  I did want to jot a few notes to help relieve the dearth of information out there on this exam.

The things that really stood out to me:

  • Read the questions carefully
  • Practice, practice, practice identifying RCARs
  • Understand the difference between functional and non-functional requirements
  • On several questions it was easy to eliminate answers simply by being able to identify technical non-starters

Beyond that – manage your time well.  Overall I found the exam to be much less technical than the VCP 6.5 DCV exam, but the VCAP 6.5 DCV – Design was significantly more intense as I felt the devil was in the details of many of the questions and answers.

Hopefully the 6.5 Deploy exam will be released shortly so I can say on track for my submission goal date.