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You have stumbled on the personal blog of Scott Bowe.  I am currently a Cloud Management Solution Architect at VMware by Broadcom.  This basically means I am supposed to be a technical guru on everything vRealize, while also being able to speak to how vRealize can help organizations solve their business problems. I also happen to be a VCDX. Prior to working at VMware I worked at a Fortunate 100ish financial services company in Milwaukee, WI.

My experience on the customer side has included everything from Windows and Linux administration and engineering, to designing and deploying a multi-site Horizon VDI environment, vSphere stretched clusters, NSX, and more.  I have been famously quoted as saying "I don't do documentation." and "I can code my way out of a paper bag."

Most importantly it should be noted that this is my personal blog.  There may be inaccuracies, errors, opinions, and off topic posts.  It is in no way sponsered by my employer (VMware) and should never be considered to convey any opinions other then my own.